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We-Vibe Chorus violetinis poros vibratorius

The latest vibrator from the We-Vibe pair - Chorus, which has a unique feature - vibration intensity adjustable by the compression intensity of the remote control
Manufacturer: We-Vibe
1215,00 ₵
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The latest pair of vibrators from the We-Vibe camp is Chorus. We-Vibe hears and understands its customers, so we design our products to meet the most individual customer needs. The pair’s Chorus vibrator, like its first-ever Sync, has two adjustable points that allow you to point the stimulator much more conveniently at the G-spot and clitoris. The compact, perfectly adaptable shape of the vibrator Chorus will keep you comfortable even when you plan to change your sex posture. The uniqueness of the chorus is the intensity of the vibration, which is regulated by the intensity of the compression of the fist (the harder you press in your hand, the stronger it will vibrate and vice versa).
With the improved remote control, you can change both vibration levels and intensities. Give your partner a remote control and try how this vibrator works even at a distance of 3 meters. In addition, the free We-Connect app will allow you to try this toy from anywhere in the world. When you set the vibration mode to Beat mode, you will feel how this vibrator vibrates according to the music, and when you turn on the Touch mode, you will be able to create a new vibration with your fingertips!
The operation of the chorus is based on Ankorlink and Bluetooth technologies, which, working together, ensure the most stable connection between your vibrator and the We-Connect mobile application.
We-Vibe Chorus is charged magnetically from a stylish stand in 1.5 hours, charged running for 1.5 hours. Made of pleasant-touch quality medical silicone that does not contain lead and phthalates. Waterproof, so it is suitable for love games in the shower or bath. Extremely powerful vibration of the two motors, but works very quietly.
Hurry up and take advantage of advanced technology and enjoy the opportunities it offers!

Features of We-Vibe Chorus vibrator for couples:
stimulation: vaginal, clitoral, penile;
color: purple;
dimensions: length - 78mm, height - 43.5mm, diameter - up to 33mm;
vibration: 10 vibration modes (plus additional vibration modes when connected to a mobile application);
space to create desired vibration intensity and rhythm programs;
two powerful, separately controlled motors;
two-point vibrator housing shape change system;
compressive force controlled vibration intensity;
control: wireless control panel or mobile application;
management from anywhere in the world when the partner is far away;
power supply: USB power supply (using a USB port on a computer or a mobile phone charger);
modern, anatomical shape;
modern design, innovative technologies;
particularly discreet;
made of high-grade medical grade silicone, free of lead and phthalates,
extremely fast charging;
100% safe for skin contact;
extremely quiet operation;
waterproof - can be used in the shower / bath;
developed in Canada.
The set includes:
wireless control panel;
storage tray;
charging stand;
USB wire;
PJUR lubricant sample;
illustrated instruction.
Application: Lubricate both vibrator housings with water-based lubricant before use. Carefully insert the G-spot stimulator into the vagina and support the clitoral stimulator in or near the clitoris. Enjoy sex by choosing your favorite sex pose, feel with your partner the vibrations of the stimulator that take you to the pinnacle of bliss. Clean the vibrator with a sex toy cleaner after each use.