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Power Plug juodas prostatos masažuoklis

Classic design, black prostate massager for beginners
Manufacturer: ToyJoy
69,00 ₵
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Are you new to the pleasures of the prostate and looking for a toy for your first exploration? Or maybe you are a man who cares about your sexual health? Then the Power Plug - just for you!

The Power Plug Prostate Massager is an absolute classic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not absolutely awesome. The curved shape of the sturdy massager is designed to reach and stimulate your prostate perfectly. Thanks to the relatively narrow handle, smooth surface and comfortable handle, the massager is easy to enter even for beginners. The classic design of a prostate massager will never disappoint and will result in a stronger erection and unique orgasms each time.

Power Plug Prostate Massager Features:
purpose: erotic and medical prostate stimulation;
color black;
material: ABS plastic;
size: length 11cm (of which 10cm can be inserted into the anus), diameter up to 3cm;
suitable for both masturbation and couple games;
suitable for anal stimulation of women;
waterproof: can be used in the shower / bath;
easy to maintain and clean;
it is necessary to use with a lubricant.

1. First of all, a man should relax, so before performing a prostate massage, the partner should caress and massage his husband's buttocks and back.
2. A man should kneel, bend over, or just spread his legs wide.
3. The partner should apply an anal lubricant to the man's anus and prostate massager.
4. Holding the massager between your index and middle fingers, insert the massager very gently, carefully and slowly into the anus.
5. A walnut-sized hub has been detected on the front wall and will be a prostate, so adjust the massager by hand to stimulate said hub.