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PASSION cooperates only with the best manufacturers and suppliers of intimate goods. All of our products are certified and have successfully passed strict quality control. Our regular customers appreciated the high quality and safety of the goods.


In our business we are guided by the idea: "Would you like to buy another erotic product owned and returned by another person?" We do not - therefore, respecting our customers, we do not change quality goods at Passion.

Buyer's request to change the product or return the money due to the color, shape, size, etc. is dissatisfied with the purchase of the following goods: perfumery, cosmetics and toilet preparations, underwear, tights, socks, bras, corsets, toys, games.


Defective goods, after confirming their defects, are replaced with similar quality alternative goods selected by the buyer or the money paid is returned to the buyer. In all cases, the buyer must present a document of purchase of the goods (cash receipt or invoice).

The quality guarantee does not apply to mechanically damaged, improperly used goods. Natural wear and tear of the product (reduced battery capacity, faded color, change in texture, etc.) cannot be considered as a defect in the product.

The seller is not responsible for the quality of the incorrectly used or unmaintained product and the resulting accidents.